Getting Through Rough Times in College


If you are feeling drained, distracted, or discouraged and you are even thinking of giving up your studies and dropping out, please read this short write up on how to overcome discouragement and stay in college until you graduate. The tips offered here will also be useful to people who want to encourage their students, friends or family members who need to stay motivated till they complete their college education.



Have Enough Reasons to Graduate


To stay motivated when you feel like quitting your studies and dropping out of college, you need to have many positive reasons why you should graduate from college. A short mental exercise can help you to put these reasons down on paper. So take a pen and paper and look for a quiet place without any distractions. Then write down all the good reasons why you must graduate. It does not matter how trivial the reasons may seem, just write them down. After this short exercise, you will already begin to see why you should put in more effort and ensure that you graduate with a good GPA. After a few days, review this list and arrange your reasons in descending order from the most important to the least. Use this list to motivate yourself any time you feel like giving up.


Maintain a Positive Outlook


To overcome the challenges and set backs that occur in college, you must have a positive attitude. Believe that each event (whether favorable or not) is working to your advantage. Use your imagination to paint a picture of yourself graduating. You could even go to a photo studio that has a graduation gown and take a few photos of yourself with this gown. Then hang one of them where you can see it at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. Engage the power of positive affirmation and make statements like: “I will make it”, “I will graduate with good grades” and so on. If you are struggling with heavy books you may want to look into a good rolling bag to make transporting your gear easier.


Get Support From Friends and Family


Support from your loved ones can make all the difference, especially when you start having feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. To enjoy regular support from others, you need to let them know what you are trying to achieve. Write the names and phone numbers of your support team or group and call them regularly. Discuss your goals, challenges, and plans with them. You should also tell them about the progress you have made so far. When you know that people who care about you will ask you about your academic work, you will be motivated to do your best. The desire to please those who believe in you can be a very strong motivating factor in your life.

Set Achievable Goals


Goal setting helps you to separate important things from trivial issues. After setting achievable goals for your academic pursuits, you will be able to maintain focus and avoid distractions that can cause you to fail. If you find it difficult to do a simple goal setting exercise and determine what you want to achieve within the next semester or two, you need to go for counseling. As long as you are studying a major that you are truly interested in, you should not have any difficulty in striving to excel in that course of study. After you have set your goals, you should focus on activities that will have the greatest impact on your success. For instance, you should be able to determine when you should spend more time on a major term paper, or when you need to study more for a mid-semester test instead of spending several hours on a less important assignment.

Staying motivated in college will enable you to do your best at all times and graduate with a good grade. The tips given above will help you to avoid discouragement and distractions so you can stay on track and complete your course of study with flying colors.