Best Garment Bags For Business Travel

sitting at deskIf you need a bag to protect your clothes from dust, stains and unnecessary wrinkles while you a traveling, a garment bag would be the idea choice. When you put your clothes in a conventional suit case or luggage, they usually become rough and untidy. But this design helps you to transport your suits, shirts, ties, pants and other clothing items in a well lined and padded compartment, which keeps them straight until you arrive at your destination. They come in various designs and sizes. Some can hold a few suits for weekend trip while others can contain many more and are mounted on wheels for easy movement. Below are some of the best garment bags for business travel available.


Samsonite Aspire Xlite Wheeled

aspire xliteThe Aspire Xlite has a unique combination of flexibility, capacity and strength. With a length of 23.75″, and a width of 42″, it has been designed to hold virtually all the suits and clothing items you will need for an extended business trip. Made of polyester with textured rubber protectors at each corner, this bag offers sufficient durability for occasional business trips. Internally, it has a hanger hook bracket that allows you to take your clothes from your closet and hang directly on the inside. Cross straps have also been added to hold your clothing in-place during transit.

To enhance mobility, this model has two in-line skate wheels. The wheels enable you to move the bag easily through the airport or in your hotel with the help of an adjustable retractable handle. On the exterior, there are two zipper pockets where you can place items that you don’t want to put in the main compartment.

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Delsey Luggage Chatillon Trolley

Chatillion TrolleyDelsey Luggage Chatillon Trolley is a good choice for lightweight traveling design. Built from water repellent and durable Dura-Tec fabric, it has reinforced corners that protect against wear. The four spinner wheels and the telescopic handle ensure easy movement. You can pull the handle out with a single hand and it has a push button to lock or release it.

The Delsey Chatillon opens up like a book and it has a tri-fold interior design with each section having its own clamp to hold hangers. You can use any of the five interior pockets and their tie-down straps to secure your suits from shifting. When you arrive at your destination, you may use the two hooks inside on a closet rod or door. This model also has two corner pockets that can be used for ties, belts and small items. On the exterior, the two pockets serve as places to put items like towels and toiletries, while the base pocket can hold shoes and chargers.

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Zegur 40-Inch 3 Suit Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Strap

40 inch organizerThis Zegur 40-inch garment is an excellent choice for businessmen who need to go on a week long business trip. It can accommodate at least 3 suits conveniently and the 43″x22″x4″ model folds into a 23″ x 22″ x 4″ shoulder bag , which is quite easy to carry around. After fitting in the three suits, you can use the pockets to arrange shoes, belts, ties and some toiletries. The exterior pocket is a also a good place to put your chargers and travel documents.

With the elegantly imprinted inner lining, your suits stay sharp and straight till you are able to hang them in your hotel room. In addition, the EVA foam provides a tough but lightweight padding for all your clothes. The external fabric is made of polyester and it is water proof. Equipped with self-correcting zippers, this model saves you the burden of carrying a heavy suit case and it has a detachable shoulder strap for easy carriage.

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Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling

Select AmsterdamThis dual-tone wheeled case has an elegant and eye-catching design. It has a spacious inner compartment with an effective fold-out design that allows you to organize your clothing conveniently. With the tie down straps, you can secure your suits in place so they stay crisp and straight. Each section in the main compartment is separated by zippered pockets for better organization of your clothes.

Built with industry standard lining, padding and fabric, the dual-tone polyester exterior has additional gusseted pockets for packing shoes, and other light items. The product is fitted with a detachable strap and a non-slip pad that allows you to carry it on your shoulder when it is not fully loaded. Additionally, you can use the retractable handle to move the it on its wheels. Each of the in-line skate wheels is well secured with corner reinforcements.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Garment Bag

Pay careful attention to features like the dimensions, weight, fabric, inner compartments, durability, and handling fixtures of the bag. If you are a business professional and you need a good product to hold your suits and make sure they arrive at you destination wrinkle free on your next business trip, look out for the following:


Check the size or capacity of the bag you want to buy. Can it contain the maximum number of suits you want to carry? You should look for a luggage whose maximum width or length does not exceed size limits, so you can carry it without violating airline regulations.


Your gear should be lightweight so that it does not exceed the maximum weight allowed by most airlines. Check the allowable weight for a carry on luggage and make sure the bag’s weight after putting in your dresses will be within the specified limits.


The model you choose must be well designed and constructed. The zipper systems should run smoothly and be secure. A self-correcting zipper is also a desirable feature. Ensure that whatever you choose has strong stitches.


The interior and external fabric should be strong and wear resistant. Many good designs are made of synthetic materials like polyester. These materials are usually lined with water proof breathable materials. Some manufacturers also add deodorizing and antimicrobial materials in certain compartments so you can separate dirty and clean clothes.

Wheels and Handles

Check the wheels properly if you are buying a wheeled design. Make sure they move smoothly and they are securely attached to the base of the bag. Also, examine the retractable handle carefully. You don’t want your bag to become a huge burden during your trip because the handle or wheels get damaged.


Make sure the style and color of the product suits your taste. As a professional, your bag is part of your dressing and it reflects your personality. So you should be happy with the appearance of the model you will be carrying on your trips.


A high quality garment bag is an essential luggage bag for a business professional. The models reviewed here can help you to keep your suits and other clothes in an excellent condition so you do not have to bother about ironing when you arrive at your destination.

This will save you precious time and enable you to focus on more productive tasks. The bags also help you to reduce the weight of your luggage and they are very easy to handle and move around. We have chosen the bags here because we believe that at least one of them will be good enough for your trip.