Rolling Dance Bags For Competition

dancingWhen you think of a bag for completion, you think of a rolling closet. These bags have been designed specifically to assist in the transportation of costumes and other items one might need to a meet and back home. They carry everything that you would need comfortably and relieves you of the hustle of having to carry so many bags which is uncomfortable. There are many wheeled models on the market and getting to know the one that combines quality, style, and capacity at the same time can be quite a task. Below are some of the best roiling dance bags for competition available.


Closet Trolley Dance Bag with Garment Rack – PINK DUFFEL

Closet TrolleyIf you are looking for a product to stuff all your belongings in for that competition and still walk comfortably and in style, this duffel is just but the right model for you. This product is made of nylon, to insure that it will last a long time without getting worn out easily. The nylon is, also, tough enough to hold all your items securely without over stuffing. For beauty purposes, the bag comes in pink and black colors.

Any lady would love to walk with a lovely looking pink bag. The design is, also, stylish to complement the beautiful color. Two heavy duty telescoping support bars that have a crossbar are features in the garment rack. This makes it more sturdy and resistant to leaning. It comes with water bottle mesh pockets, multiple interior mesh pockets for accessories, “D” rings on the interior, and a heavy duty zipper to secure the components. With the perfect size to accommodate all your items, the heavy duty wheel and the fully retractable handle will ensure you transport it comfortably without straining.

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World Traveler Black White Damask Wheeled Duffle 21-inch

World Travler 21Stand out with the stylish World Traveler Black White Damask Duffle. This model is lightweight making it a good rolling duffle bag for traveling purposes. The damask print and the design makes it a perfect choice. It is made of Denier polyester coupled with a nylon lining. The black linen makes it easy to keep it clean. The inline skate wheels together with the internal retractable handle help you glide through the various entry points and along walkways quite smoothly.

If you feel comfortable enough to carry this model on your back, you have the detachable and adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps. Space is available in plenty. The large compartment is large enough to accommodate all your belongings. The large size, also, allows you to be more organized. In addition to that, there are two other exterior full-length zipper pockets for more storing items like travel makeup bags. You do not have to worry about losing your ticket, ID, and other small items you have carried along with you. The World Traveler Duffel offers style and comfort that is much-needed.

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ZÜCA Sport Hello Leopard Rolling

Sport BagWheel duffle bags for dance competition could not get any cuter. With the ZÜCA Sport Bag, you are left to choose the frame color of your choice. This includes a mini pouch that is just lovely. This model is 13 inches high and 15 inches wide. The inspiration that influenced the design of the product was drawn from aerospace technology. With that, you can already tell that the bag is light enough to offer maximum comfort.

It only weighs 9.4 lbs. inclusive of the frame and closure. It has been manufactured with lightweight aluminum alloy frames that are super strong to make it sturdy. The dual wheel systems make the journey up a fleet of stairs such a simple task. The telescoping handle is 39.5 inches which help in the transportation too. The bag is large enough to accommodate all your items too. The dimensions are 18 inches high by 14.75 inches depth. With the ZÜCA Sport Leopard Rolling Bag, you can be sure that the next time you are headed to that dance competition, every head will turn to have a taste of your style.

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High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Duffel with Backpack Straps

AT7 DuffelThe High Sierra AT7 offers a simple yet effective design for a bag. It comes in black color; which in itself makes a statement. Also, if you are thinking of a three designs in one, this is it. You can use it as a duffel, a backpack or as a wheeled upright bag. This model can comfortably accommodate your costumes and all the other items you would need for your dance. The straps on the inside of this model allow you to be more organized by holding your clothing in a still position.

The reflective piping incorporated into the body design is meant to provide additional safety to the components. The Custom molded zipper pulls keep everything intact inside of it. This model comes with two roller wheels at the bottom together with a retractable detailed aluminum handle to facilitate mobility. If you prefer carrying this design as a comfortable large backpack, it comes with padded stowaway straps for versatility. The main compartment has been made with a book-style opening which makes it easy to put and draw items from the bag. Made from ballistic nylon fabric, you can be sure to trust this model to carry all your items for the dance.

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Features to look for when shopping for rolling dance bags for competition



The first and most important thing to look out for is the quality of the bag. Getting that duffel that is of a desirable quality ensures that it lasts for a long while still maintaining the same stylish design it came with. It should be able to withstand external forces and not wear out easily. Otherwise, you will end up having to buy another product again in the near future.



The design you get should be able to accommodate all the items you would require. You do not want to get into a situation where after acquiring a product you realize that it is not large enough to fit all your items comfortably.



You ought to look good when you go for a dance. Something with a great design greatly contributes to your style. Therefore, find one that is stylish enough and complements your look. However, this should not come at the expense of quality. Quality should always come first then the rest follow.


Buy a rolling dance bag that you are comfortable with. One that you can carry easily without much struggle.