Best Snowboard Bag For Air Travel

ski mountainAre you an avid snowboarder that travels around the world and enjoying every moment of snowboarding? It is important that during your travels you have a dependable bag on your side. The quality of your sleeve should be of the utmost importance as your snowboarding gear is a major financial investment. The last thing that you should worry about during your travels is your gear ever being in jeopardy of damage or being misplaced anywhere. Below are some of the best snowboard bags for air travel they you should consider for your next trip.


Dakine Low Roller

camo low rollerIf you are a minimalist and looking for a simple bag (design and features wise), this will be the perfect match for you. The Dakine Low Roller is available in multiple colors but my favorite are; Elite II (black), Nevada (multi color stripe pattern), and Tabor (black, grey, and blue trim).

The main compartment of this model can fit boards up to 165cm (5.5 feet/65 inches). The dimensions of the outside are 12 x 6 x 70. This is a pretty average size for boards, so you will definitely be fine. This compartment can hold up to 7 pounds, so make sure your gear does not weight more than that. If what you carry is overweight, it could cause this model to not support it’s content. The interior is fully padded inside for comfort and reducing damage to your gear. On the front side of it you will notice that there are two extra compartments. You can use those compartments for things such as your gloves, goggles, scarves, hats, and other small necessities. If you do not feel like carrying it by the straps everywhere, there are durable urethane wheels on the bottom. Feel free to roll it around at a smooth and comfortable pace.

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BURTON Space Sack

Burton BlackFor snowboarders that have multiple boards for personal preferences or just to have a backup, this bag will be best for you. The BURON Space Sack is an affordable option that can fit multiple boards. The large compartment can fit boards between 129cm and 181cm in size (4 feet/50 inches, 6 feet/71 inches).The exterior is equipped with durable padding for protection at all times. You can also store your gear in this model during the off-season without any worries.

The BURON Space Sack is available only in black color. There are multiple sizes of this product  you can choose from at your discretion including 146cm (4.5 feet/57 inches), 166cm (5 feet/65 inches), and 181cm (6 feet/71 inches). If you think that you will keep the same boards for quite a while, then buying the exact size you need is fine. However, if you believe that you may need something bigger (or two) in the future, you can buy a slightly larger design.

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High Sierra Deluxe Sleeve

If you are a traveler that has a vibrant personality, you will enjoy the design of the High Sierra Deluxe Sleeve. There are three exterior colors you can choose from with this design  including black, thunderstruck/charcoal/zest, and vivid blue/black.The main compartment for your snowboard is spacious and can fit sizes up to 170cm (5.5 feet/67 inches).

This model only fits up to one board at a time. However, you can rest assure that what you carry will be safe and secure with the padding inside.The Diamond ripstop Duralite design is absolutely amazing and durable for long-term use. Since you will be traveling a lot, the handles are padded all round to make it comfortable carrying around. You can also sling this option across your shoulders using the comfortable shoulder strap as well.In the front of it, you will notice a nylon-coil zipper that is a smaller compartment for you to use. This is where you can store additional gear and items that you need as you travel.

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Grayne Premium Padded

Premium SleeveThe Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag is the quintessential option for having everything a traveling snowboarder needs. The main compartment will fit a board up to 170cm (5.5 feet/67 inches) plus boots and other items. On the front side of this model is an accessories pocket for everything else you may not put into the large compartment.

This offering comes in two different color options black with red trimming, and black with grey trimming.With a ballistic Nylon exterior, not only is the design aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is also durable for traveling/long term use. The premium padding ensures that your gear will be safe and sound during each trip you make. One of the most amazing factors to this product is the warranty that it comes with.

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What To Look For When In The Market For Snowboard Bags For Air Travel

There are a variety of products available for air travel in stores and online for you to choose from. When you are in the market for something new to transport all of year winter gear, here are a few factors you should take into consideration including – the size , the design, and durability. Before you leave home it would be wise to sit down and make a list of  everything you will be taking with you.

The size of whatever you decide on is important for a variety of reasons. What you decide on will serve you no purpose if it is smaller than your snowboard that you decide to take with you when you hit the slopes. Make sure that you know the exact dimensions of your gear and make your life much easier. Knowing the size of a all of your accessory’s also lets you know how much you will carry around to/from the airport, and when you get to your destination. It should also help you decide if you need extra carry on luggage to transport all of your belongings.

The design of what you choose is purely up to your discretion. Showing off your personality through the design of your bag is a pretty cool thing. Whether you want to keep a specific theme going or simply want to stand out is up to your discretion.

When it comes to the durability of your sleeve, you want to be confident that your gear is safe. Depending upon how much traveling you plan on doing should not be put on pause because of not having the right bag for your needs.