Best Tote Bags For Nurses

paperworkNursing is one of the toughest jobs in the modern working world. You have to be on your feet, help tend to the needs of patients, keep track of the stats of the patients, and giving medicines. Some nurses even have to take their small children with them to work if they can’t find a baby sitter or can’t afford one. With responsibilities that keep the hospital from crumbling, the last thing a RN needs is to worry about how to keep their belongings together in one place. This is a good time for a nurse to look into purchasing a bag. Why would someone in the medical field need bag? One reason is to keep everything together for their job. Plus, it would help to have a place where they can have easy access for whatever they need. Below are some of the best tote bags for nurses available.

N. Gil All Purpose Organizer 18″ Large Utility
All Purpose Organizer

This product is ideal for practical use in the medical world. This bag from N. Gil has a 14″ shoulder drop and comes in forty-one different designs. It is light weight and easy to fold up when not in use. The top zips closed and there is a key ring in the front to keep your keys in one place.

To make this choice a better option, it has two front pockets, two rear pockets with one Velcro flap closure, and side mesh pockets on both sides, and mini side pocket for small items. When you aren’t working, you can use it for shopping, travel, storage, craft, and to carry baby supplies if you are a parent. The handles of the bag are doubled and come to about 14″. This model is made of water resistant nylon, so it should come in handy in many different applications.

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Nurse Caduceus Large Medical Personal Organizer – Black Charcoal
Black Med Bag

If someone in the medical field isn’t looking for something cute to take to work and want to be taken seriously, this model will be perfect for them. This product is heavy weight for the heavy-duty shifts that a caregiver has to work at the hospital. It may not have multiple cute designs like the bag above, but the black color still looks sleek and stylish. The main compartment fully zips and there is a full length front slip pocket with bungee and cord lock. Perfect for any caregiver that doesn’t want their belongings to be lost.

This version has two front storage pockets with mesh trim for easy access and a spacious interior. The outside is made of canvas style 420D Polyester, 19.5″ wide x 14″ high x 5″ deep. With shoulder length handles, it practical, sturdy, strong dependable, and works hard for the longest of days in the hospital.

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SCOUT Pocket Rocket

ScoutScout provides another good design for everyone in the medical field. This is made polywoven fabric and comes in nineteen different designs. Speaking of which, the prints use ivory and winter pastels to add dimension. The SCOUT bag is both stylish and practical for every day use. With six exterior pockets and one interior zipper pocket along with the main zipper compartment, nurses will have an easier time staying organized on the go.

The two different sets of handles make it easier to carry and the leatherette reinforced bottom adds durability, making it last for a long time. Thanks to the stiff fabric, this model is easy to fold up and put away when not in use. It measures at 15 by 14-1/2 by 5-Inches, lightweight, durable, and is easy to store and to clean.

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Nurse Mates Women’s Ultimate Bag

utility med bagDespite the name, men and women can use this product if they wanted to. It’s made with rubber and comes in fifteen colors. Depending on which size is purchased, A and one size, will determine what color the version comes in. If a caregiver wanted this design in “sport pink”, they would have to purchase it in “one size”. If said nurse wanted the option in “zebra”, they would have to purchase it in “one size”.

There are other perks to this product. Its multiple storage pockets and compartments make it the ultimate bag for anyone in the medical field. The product measures 13 x 9 x 14 and is made of water resistant multi-color fabric with heavy duty zippers. The name may say “womens”, but everyone will be happy to own this bag for the busiest of shifts around the hospital. With adjustable shoulders, this will make the work load easier on the back and shoulders.

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What should a nurse look for when looking for a tote bag?

The first thing to look for is durability. It would not be a good thing if a bag broke in the middle of the morning. The poor nurse would be left to pick up his or her belongings and carry them into the hospital. The stronger the product, the easier the day will go by. Another thing to look at is the shoulder straps. Having to carry heavy items in around will do damage to the neck, back, and shoulders. If the straps are easy to adjust, it will be perfect to use.You may also want to look into a nice backpack for storing all of your items.

Another factor to consider is how much things you will need to carry at work. This will determine the size and how much space do they need for your tote. If you only carry a small amount of belongings around at work, they should only require a small bag with a minimum amount of space inside.

If someone has to carry many or heavy items with them to work, they will need a big product with plenty of space inside. Another plus to think about when looking around is the additional features that come with it. Do you need it to have extra pockets? Will it also be useful outside of work? Will you need to take your small children to work with you? Once those question have answered,it should be simple to decide on the right design that will fit your needs.