Best Sleeping Bag Liner For Backpacking

camp suplliesSleeping bag liners are the best solution for making your adventure comfortable and warm. They are perfect because of their significant level of protection from the elements. For the camper, the cost is inexpensive to purchase this essential item when going for camping or any other excursion. However, you should make a good decision when selecting a product that will fit your needs. There are cheap and expensive models available. Their efficiency and durability also vary. Below are some of the best sleeping bag liners for backpackers available.

Sea to Summit Thermolite

Sea to SummitThis model is one the most well respected items that you could purchase for your next adventure. The sea to summit bag liner is perfect because it enhances adequate warmth and comfort when camping. It increases the warmth up to 15°F in your sleeping bag. The material used to make this product is lightweight. Therefore, it will not be heavy as you go about your adventure. It is made from thermolite, has a perfect hollow core, made of fiber, which plays a significant role in increasing the warmth on the inside. The liner is ideal for all types of weather conditions. The manufacturers make this model with different colors, but the most common and recommended ones are the black or yellow.

The thin and soft characteristics of this product make it the best for campers. The fabric material used to make this model is soft and hence comfortable to sleep on it. Therefore, it could also double as a spare blanket. Additionally, it will keep your body protected when you sleep in hotels or hostels with high levels of questionable uncleanliness with your colleagues.

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Marycrafts Sleeping Bag Liner

Marycrafts SleepsackThis silk product brings a luxurious feeling when sleeping on it during a vacation holiday. When reading reviews you will often see this model recommended to carry when planning to camp in hostels, hotels, forests and many other adventurous places. Unlike many other model available, the Mary-crafts liner is excellent because it is favorable to use during different weather conditions. During cold seasons, this product is reliable because it keeps the bed warm throughout the period. Therefore, the user cannot suffer from severe colds, which may cause illnesses.

The material used to make this model is light-weight and approximately 110 grams to 140 grams. The aspect makes it comfortable to carry when traveling to different places for camping. The manufacturers use pure Mulberry Silk to make these sleeping bag liners. This materials are perfect because they enhance warmth both in warm and cold climatic conditions. You can find this model liner at many online retail and wholesale shops at reasonable prices.  Many travelers through out the world prefer this liner because of its luxurious feeling.

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Cocoon Silk MummyLiner

CocoonCocoon Silk Mummy is another top-quality product used by millions of travelers around the world. One of the aspects that make this product standout is that it is easy to wash using a washing machine or your hands. The silk material brings a fresh feeling to the user during summer periods. During the winter, it enhances maximum warmth which increases comfort to the user and protects his or her body from colds.

Built with strong silk threads; the MummyLiner dries quickly after washing it. Therefore you will not have a problem even if you wanted to wash it every day during your travels. Another advantage that makes this model fantastic is that it is highly resistant to tearing. Therefore, this characteristic increases its durability.

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ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Rectangle

Alps MicrofiberThis is another product that is highly recommended by those who enjoy traveling and outside activities. It is an awesome solution to those who like to keep their equipment clean all the time when traveling. It keeps away the dust and other dirty substances and hence plays a significant role in keeping your sleeping bed tidy throughout you adventure.

It is a rectangular-shaped liner and made of durable microfibers. It is a perfect substitute of the blankets because it enhances warmth regardless of the weather conditions. Mostly, the dimensions of the standard ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber  Liner are 33 inches by 80 inches. The microfiber or the poly cotton materials used to make this model is light-weight, which makes it easy to carry this equipment when traveling long distances to camp.

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What to look for when shopping for sleeping bag liners

  • The climate or the weather conditions

Traveling and camping equipment comes in different types of shapes and materials. Therefore, when shopping for a product that will fit your needs, you should check whether the materials used to make these liners are perfect for the climatic conditions you will encounter while backpacking. Light-weight and silk materials are the best during summer periods while heavy cotton sleeping models enhance efficiency and warmth during the winter.

  • Compressibility

We all know that when traveling, no one wants to carry cumbersome and big luggage. Therefore, when shopping for  sleeping bag liners, it is advisable to ensure that it is flexible. The aspect will enable you to fold it well and place it in your pack. Mostly, the light-weight materials fold up easily making them excellent to purchase for your trip.

  • Material of the Liners

Silk and synthetic are some of the light-weight materials used to make these items. They are advantageous to buy because they will occupy less space in your bag and they will also be easy to clean. During hot weathers, they are breathable and comfortable to have. They dry quickly after washing them.

Also, there are heavy materials like cotton used to make them they will provide more protection and comfort during colder weather. Although some of them take more time to dry after washing, they are the essential to have in extreme temperatures. Therefore, you should be way all of your options before purchasing something to ensure that you get the item which will enhance your sleep during your next trip.