Best Overnight Bag For Business Travel

sitting at deskThe life of a business professional largely involves a lot traveling. That means that one needs to get themselves an overnight bag that can comfortably accommodate all the items they would require for their trip. With that 2-piece suit and the million-dollar look, fumbling and straining with your bag are things you cannot afford. As such, you would need a travel bag that complements your look. One that comfortably accommodates your items and other necessities for the night. Below is our list of best overnight bags for business travel.

Iblue Unique Designed Weekender

weekend canvasThis is a classy duffel that offers quality. The Iblue Unique Designed model  provides plenty of room to accommodate items for up to 5 days travel. Its dimensions are 21 inches by 9 inches by 14 inches and thus can be comfortably fitted under the seat or overhead when in a flight without much strain while full of your necessities. You, also do not have to worry about the outside ripping apart due to the pressure it is subjected to when handling it or when it if fully stuffed.

It is made of genuine cow leather, heavy duty cotton lining, unique solid hard rivet and thick heavy duty canvas. The handles are made of thick genuine leather that can comfortably support the weight of it’s content.  The seams are double stitched and the zippers, handles and straps reinforced with leather, then riveted and stitched to provide the maximum strength and durability possible. The product, besides being multi-functional, is original and comfortable. This is exactly what you would need especially when traveling for business. It comes in a variety of colors to offer flexibility in choosing.

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S-ZONE Canvas Tote Duffel Handbag with Shoe Compartment

s zoneThe S-ZONE Canvas Tote Handbag offers yet another durable and quality overnight  option for business professionals. For enhanced durability and top-notch strength and quality, this army green colored tote has been stitched with genuine horse leather. The rest of it is made of light and soft canvas that makes the bag very light to carry.

The light canvas does not, in any way, compromise the quality of this model. The canvas is tough and does not tear easily. The bottom rivets offer extra strength. The bag, also, incorporates solid copper hardware that does not rust easily. When it comes to space, the capacity is large and impressive. The dimensions of the outside are 21.7 inches by 14.8 inch by 10.2 inches and thus can be a carry-on flight option. The capacity is enough to accommodate your clothing and other necessities for travel. It is a great choice for general use is perfect for both male and female travelers.

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Leaper Canvas Weekender Satchel Handbag

LeaperThe Leaper Canvas Satchel Handbag offers a classic military style. The design and the quality this model offers are fantastic. It is made of heavy and durable canvas that does not tear easily on the outside and a lining of woven material on the inside. Its base and its handles are sewn with leather and attached to the outside with rivets. The leather handles provide sufficient strength to carry the weight of the its contents without any strain.

It, also, comes with a detachable and adjustable canvas strap that allows you to strap this satchel on your shoulder to make carrying easy. The bottom is made of durable material and metal studs added as its feet. When it comes to storage space, this product does not disappoint. The dimensions of the inside is 54cm by 40cm by 23cm which offers sufficient space to accommodate the necessities for your travel needs. There are other additional insider and external pockets that can be used to put small items.

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KPL 21 Inch Vintage Leather Duffel

vintage duffelThe KPL 21 inch Vintage Duffle is made of durable leather. This duffel is a multipurpose product and is perfect for overnight travel. It is handmade and has been made with no chemical or dye additions to the leather. Veg tanning and sun tanning are the techniques used on the outside for shading to give it that unique and antique look.

The linings are made of durable canvas for additional strength. The capacity of the model is very impressive. The internal dimensions are 21” by 9” by 11”. This provides sufficient space in the large compartment to accommodate your clothes, accessories and other items you would need for your travel. Additionally, there are two side pockets that are on the outside. These provide additional space to store cash, tickets or mobile. Besides the sturdy handles, it also has an adjustable shoulder straps. This helps you rest your arms in case you get tired by allowing you to carrying it on your shoulders. It would be the ultimate gift for any traveling man.

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What To Look For In An Overnight Bag For Travel

There are various weekender business backpack models in the market and identifying one that is of the right quality and one that works best for you can be quite challenging. As such, there are a number of things one ought to look out for when buying a product that would fit all of your travel needs.

  • Brand and Quality

You should look for a sturdy duffel that can serve you for the longest time possible to avoid having to shop for the same soon. As such, quality should not be a compromise. Do a little research on the reliability of a particular brand and only buy from the most trusted brands.

  •     Capacity

Different bags have different capacities just the same way different journeys have different requirements. Therefore, purpose to ensure whatever you decide on can comfortably accommodate all that you need for your journey. Bags that come with additional pockets are always a great idea since they offer additional space. You should also make sure you are packing correctly and not bringing anything that is not needed for your assignment.

  •     Price

Do not spend more than you should. Look for affordable overnight weekenders instead. The price should, however, not compromise the quality of the product. Therefore, seek manufacturers offering competitive prices for bags that come with admirable quality.

  •     Comfort

Your choice should offer the much-needed comfort. You should travel in style and the bag you get should complement your look. Thus purpose to find something that you are comfortable to carry around without much straining.


A good and comfortable overnight bag greatly determines the success of your business trip. A nice duffel plays an important role in the success of your trip. It offers you comfort and allows you to carry all the items you require for your trip. As such, make sure you focus on quality and get a model that serves you well. Do not substitute the external look for the bag’s quality. It is that keen eye that focuses on details and features that will ensure your choice last for many trips to come.