Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag For Road Trips

When traveling, whether visiting a friend across the country land, going on a camping trip or vacation in a remote area, it might be vital to have a good cargo carrier bag with you to protect your valuable positions. As a traveler, you will need something that has good space to carry supplies and items to last you all the way to your destination. A good product will give you the confidence that your items are secure on a long trip. There are a variety of different models to choose from.  We have assessed most of them and here are our suggestions of the best rooftop cargo carrier bag you can get.


RoofBag Cross Country

blackThis is a waterproof and very durable bag. It has been well engineered to last long. It comes with pass-through straps making it usable even on cars with no roof rack, while for cars with roof racks you can get a Roof bag with rack straps. These straps are heavy duty, seat-belt like and are enhanced with a heavy-duty side release buckle. The corner joints are electrically welded into perfection to offer maximum waterproofing and protection.

This model is good with large and bulky odd-shaped cargo. Its zippers are covered with zipper flaps for waterproofing. It is made of heavy-duty, double vinyl coated polyester. This product is ideal in withstanding extreme cold, abrasion, heat and ripping. It will keep bag contents dry even on the worst weather. This carrier is easy to install and does not require tools to do it. It folds into a small piece of luggage after use that can be easily tucked in a limited space.

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ROLA 59100 Platypus Expandable

59100When looking for a good product that is technologically advanced and uses most innovative welding means to make it secure and safe to carry precious luggage.  This is a great bag for all travelers luggage. It measures 1040 x 890 x 380/480 mm. By unzipping its sturdy zippers, you will make it expand from 339l to 453l (that amounts to 14 cubic feet of gear). It can carry more bags and bulky luggage in it. This model is made to fit by its incredible enhancements and can handle bulky cargo with much ease.

This expandable rooftop bags has eight straps to make it securely attached to your car. Its surface is made of quality waterproofing material. It has an aerodynamic styling and attaches to roof top luggage bars or basket carriers. Its bottom is thickly padded. Additionally, its clinch straps make it eliminate noise even on a windy day. It has a sporty look and comes in a variety of attractive colors. It measures 13.4 lbs and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Rightline Gear 100E20 Edge

100E20When you get this carrier, you will get a big room to store all accessories and stuff you might need for a long adventurous trip. It will grant much room to carry all luggage, and it is easy to install. This is quite a hardy product that is specially constructed for SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. They are weatherproof with electrically welded seams and zipper flap, making it sturdy and very reliable. It has a capacity of up to 15 cubic feet. It is a wonderful bag even lightweight non-bulky gear.

This model would work on a wide variety of vehicles with or without a rack. Durability is enhanced because it is made of PVC mesh that is nylon enforced and UV resistant. This carrier unzips to ¾ around its body making loading easy. For cars with no roof rack you just have to add car clips that attach to the vehicle’s door frame. This model is suitable for long road trips with family and friends or a cross country move. You might also consider having it with you when going for an active weekend away.

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Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof (15 Cubic Feet)

07203-1When searching for a gear that is weatherproof and capable of safely carrying your entire travel luggage, this is your ideal bag. This is one of the cheapest bags that will give you value for your money.  This has a modern design made in such a way it can accommodate odd shaped luggage without ripping off the surface and its zippers.

This model is constructed from rubber laminated nylon. Giving it the ability to protect your luggage from inclement weather, road grit, the wind, and the sun. It folds into a minimal compact item saving on space. The measurement are 44’ x 34” x 17” and can fit all range of roof racks. It is customized with soft sides flex giving it the capability to fit even the odd shaped load. The fact that it is soft sided makes it easy to fold and store.

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What to Look for When in the Market for Rooftop Carrier Bag

  • Good bags need to have tough texture to make it last long. Don’t go for a light material that can be torn off with ease.
  • How will the bags handle the outside weather?  Is it weatherproof and capable of protecting your cargo from getting soaked in rainwater when you face heavy rains and storms?
  • Check on the longevity of the warranty; you don’t need to go for a bag that loses its warranty in 6 months while you can purchase a bag that offers 2 or more years of warranty.
  • Mostly, your cargo will not be in perfect arrangements and shapes. Finding a product that is versatile and able to hold odd-shaped luggage will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Why rooftop bags are useful

A perfect good product will save you space in your car and give you peace of mind. Most importantly, it will protect your luggage from unpleasant weather and even storms and rough winds. Rooftop bags offer versatility while packing you travel luggage. It has the ability to save you the needed space you would have required to store the luggage inside the car. You can now use that space for other functions. When a roof top comes with well-installed zippers, it will securely tuck your luggage into place. They will give you the allowance to safely carry abrasive gear like bats, and golf sticks which if not well carried in a bag would scrub your car.

Rooftop bags are meant to provide affordable storage space. They range in prices and often occur in 10 to 15 cubic feet of storage space.