Best Diaper Bag For International Travel In 2017

mom with childFor a mother of a small child, traveling on a plane to an international destination can sometimes be very stressful, that’s why a good bag is important to make the process go much smoother.  We are on the go so much, going to story time at the library, dropping kids off at daycare, going on vacation and also traveling for work. We have so many things we need to carry around to all these different places – sippy cups, bottles, diapers, wipes, teething rings and so on. A spacious, good quality bag helps us get where we want to go with our children while making it all seem effortless. Below are some of the best diaper bags for international travel.

Hip Cup Diaper

stripped The Hip Cup Diaper  has a nice casual look with some really great features. The outside has thick black and white stripes, giving it a sweet nautical look. There are two very roomy, open external pockets on the front. These would be great for those things you have to grab in a hurry – snacks, phone, etc. One of the really cool features about this bag is that it has two secret side pockets with zippers. These lined side pockets on each side of the purse are just the right size for a sippy cup or a bottle.

On the inside you have two large pockets on the side for anything you want to be able to find right away. These would be great compartments for a diaper and wipes set. There is also an interior zipper pocket on the side for anything you want to protect – phone, keys, etc. The Hip Cup Diaper is quite spacious on the inside with just enough pockets to keep your belongings organized. The exterior is made of a sturdy canvas, so it can last for a long time. It comes with two types of straps, both a caramel brown color. One is a shorter set of straps that can be held in the crook of your elbow or fits around your shoulder. The larger straps work great as a messenger style design. There is also a loop for attaching the bag to a stroller. There are a wide variety of ways to carry this model, and they all work well.

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Coaballa Multi-Function Travel

greyThe Coaballa Multi-Function Bag is for the modern mom who likes to keep things organized. First of all, it comes with a lot of pockets for all your different needs – 12 pockets in all. It comes with one main zipper pocket, two mesh side pockets, two external zipped pockets, one inside zipped pocket, one padded laptop compartment for laptops up to 14”, two open inside pockets, and three elasticized interior insulated cubes.

So whether you are carrying around a laptop, breast pump, diapers, or sippy cups, there is a place to put everything. One of the other really great things about this product is how versatile it is. It can be carried so many different ways and is very ergonomic, so you can be comfortable. The Coaballa has soft, padded shoulder straps so you can carry it like a business grade backpack – no one will even know it’s a diaper bag! It also has a short top handle that can be carried like a briefcase or a shoulder bag. Two side loops, one on each end of it, allow you to evenly place this model on a stroller. It comes in a charcoal gray color, giving it a nice professional look. This would be a great product for a working or student mom.

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Arrows Weekender by White Elm – Large Diaper Tote

TealThe Arrows Weekender Tote by White Elm comes in a stylish fabric with a hip vertical arrow design on a white background. The Arrows Weekender Tote comes in a variety of different colors to choose from. It has a large open design with plenty of room to carry everything you need.

There are four open pockets on the interior, two on each side of the tote. These would be great for carrying bottles, wipes, diapers, etc. On the outside, the model has two tall exterior pockets, which would be great for carrying bottles or sippy cups. The main compartment can be closed with a magnetic clasp. Two brown tan leather clasps work as should straps, or a wide tan cotton strap is long enough to be used as a messenger strap. The particular model is made of a sturdy washable cotton canvas fabric with an inner polyester lining. It’s a fun, stylish product with a neat design that is also very practical.

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What To Look For In A Diaper Bag For Travel

There are several key features you should consider when looking for a travel diaper design. The first is the amount of room it has on the inside. If it is too small, you might not be able to carry around all the things you might need – change of clothes, books, laptop, etc. Also, think of how many pockets you might want and where you might want them. For example, if you have to carry liquids around, make sure you have upright pockets that work specifically for bottles. If the liquids require refrigeration, especially if you have a long commute, consider a bag that has insulated pockets. If you might have to carry work items, make sure to get a product that can also carry those things, such as a laptop, notebooks, and phones. Look for straps that work best for your situation as well. Two straps that can loop around a stroller bar are very handy when pushing around a stroller. Backpacks that has one strap work great for people who need more ergonomic designs or also carry a lot of heavy items with them such as laptops or books. Think of what you might want to bring, and what would work best for you.

Why Pick A Diaper Bag Specifically For Travel?

There are a lot of design out there to choose from. Why pick a product for travel, specifically? Whether you are the CEO of your household or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, us moms are always on the move. That’s why we need something with travel in mind. It should be sturdy, functional, and can withstand heavy usage. It’s also designed to be ergonomic, so you don’t throw out your back while waiting at a checkout line at the airport or carrying books back from the library. You can stay on the go with your kids in tow.