Best Affordable Carry On Luggage

waiting in terminalFinding good luggage goes beyond the purchase price you pay when buying the it at a store. Travelers have to keep in mind the extra fees and waiting time that the luggage will help them to avoid. Airline policies on baggage are increasingly becoming stringent, and travelers have to be mindful of this when choosing their bags. Although there are different types of bags in the market, each of them offers different features. Customers should ensure that their choice matches their needs and offers the convenience they need while traveling. Below are some of the best affordable carry on luggage available.

Rockland 19-Inch Expandable Spinner

19 inchThis Rockland 19-Inch Spinner is made from polyester and weighs about 8 pounds. The exterior design of the luggage features 2 zippered pockets on the front side, 4 skate wheels that can easily turn 360 degrees, carry handles located on the top and the left side, a telescopic handle to set the height of the luggage and make it easy for the traveler to roll the luggage comfortably. The bottom corners of this design are strengthened to increase strength and durability. The interior of the luggage is fully lined and includes an internal handle.

Moreover, this model has some compartments that create enough room for your baggage and valuables. This product is available in a variety of colors and can stand vertically without any problem. The size of the bag allows travelers to fit is in the overhead cabin of almost every flight. If you have extra baggage, you can use the expander zip to create more space in the suitcase. Some of the strong selling points of this bag is the affordable price tag and the superior mobility that this model offers travelers.

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Travelers Club Modern 20-Inch Spinner

Travelers Club 20The Travelers Club 20 inch Modern Spinner is sleek, sturdy and has a professional look, making it suitable for business and leisure travel. The ABS shell of the hand side carry-on is textured with a scratch-resistant finish that not only reduces scratch visibility but increases the lifespan of the bag. The 4-wheel system works to relieve pressure from the arms, allows for complete upright mobility and provides extra support for heavy loads.

The exterior construction of the carry-on bag also features a telescopic handle with a push button as well as flexible side and top carry handles that make it easy for you to lift your bag. With the ability to expand when you have extra loads, this luggage can allow you to carry up to 25% more of its packing capacity. The innovative design of the luggage includes self-repairing zippers that are meant to give you long-lasting use. When it comes to the interior, the unexpanded dimensions of the 7.5-pound bag are 22.5 inches, 13 inches and 10 inches in the height, width and length respectively. The interior also features tie-down straps, zippered mesh, accessory pockets and a divider compartment.

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Cabin Max Metz Flight Backpack

Cabin MetzThis Cabin Max Metx Flight Backpack is designed to accommodate the maximum load size allowed under international travel regulations. The construction of the lightweight bag features water-resistant material to protect your loads from the destruction that may be caused by water. To increase your comfort when carrying the bag, the manufacturer included a padded back, carrying handles, adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable side straps. With luggage dimensions of 55 by 35 by 20 cm, this is just the ideal luggage to use when flying budget airlines.

Although the main compartment of the bag offers much of the space, you will also have the flat front compartment and the small front pocket for your extra loads. The zipper opening of the front loader opens to around 70%, a feature that allows you to pack the bag as a suitcase and gives you easy access to your essentials. To ensure that no packing space is wasted, the manufacturer got rid of straps, pockets and internal dividers in the main packing compartment. This bag would be a great option both for travelers who want to check-in thier luggage and those who keep certain items handy for immediate use.

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Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Backpack

Square BagAvailable in purple, gray and black, the Hynes Eagle 38L Backpack weighs about 1.72 pounds and approximately measures 13 by 7.9 by 19.7 inches. The design of the backpack fits the maximum size that most  airlines allow. Also, the size of this design makes it possible to fit it either in the overhead compartments or under the seats while on a flight. You can easily convert this model from a backpack to duffel in a few seconds. This gives you the power to accommodate the various needs you may have at different times. When you are in a hurry, this would be the most suitable bag to use. The carry-on backpack is easy to grab and carry and offers you multiple alternatives by giving you three different carry options.

The grab handles at the top and side of this product make it easy for travelers to pull their gear from the storage space while the well-padded, contoured straps are meant to increase your comfort when carrying the bag or when you choose to use it as a suitcase. The interior of this design features tie-down straps in the main compartment and compression straps meant to reduce pressure on your zippers.

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What to look for when in the market for affordable carry-on luggage

For you to find the inexpensive carry-on luggage that will meet most of your travel needs, there are some essential qualities that you should look for if you are looking for something bigger then a bag designed for weekend use.


  • The maximum size for the bagmost airlines will charge extra fees or force travelers to check their bags if the luggage exceeds a certain weight at full capacity. You will want to buy a model that fits the maximum size for the airlines that you plan to fly.
  • Exterior pockets – Exterior pockets offer travelers great convenience while on the flight. The compartments allow easy access to toiletries, tablets, and sunglasses without the need to open the whole bag.
  • The number of handles – additional handles on the top and side of the product make it easy to carry and lift the bag from overhead compartments as well as when putting it in the trunk of a car.
  • Flexible packing – if you are looking for a bag with which to travel on a variety of trips, one that allows for flexible packing will have the ability to expand. This will make it possible for you to pack more clothes.
  • Waterproof material waterproof material will protect the contents of your bag in case of spills and rain.
  • Come up with a budget – a budget will act as a guide and also ensure you do not go beyond your planned expenditure. For a budget to be helpful, you must stick to the budgetary estimates when buying any bag. As much as you will be looking for quality and convenience when purchasing luggage, you do not have to break the bank to find the right luggage.
  • Make a list of your preferred luggage – if you have a list of models that you like , it will be easy to focus on the qualities and features that matter. Moreover, you will be in a better position to compare different brands and sizes.
  • Do some research – doing some research will help you to make an informed decision. By reading online reviews, you will be able to identify the luggage that balances both quality and affordability. The research will also help to match your favorite bag with your budget.


When choosing the most affordable carry-on luggage for your trips, you must not compromise on quality. Choosing low-quality products will cost you more in the long run.