Herschel Supply Little America Backpack Review

Herschel Supply Little AmericaIf you are looking for a good pack this model should be considered. One of the most stunning features of the Herschel Supply Little America Backpack is the hardware. The stylish letter straps with buckles are somewhat deceiving as the bag actually opens and closes by way of magnetic snap button closures which add to the functionality of the bag, by making it much easier to retrieve items. This is a bag that has a lot more to offer than its good looks. Here is a little more information about the functionality of the product, and the many benefits it has to offer.

Built for Comfort and Longevity

One of the things that people look for when they are selecting a backpack is comfort. This model has heavily padded straps that are contoured to direct weight away from the neck and evenly distributes it to the back. This helps to lessen the chance of neck strain, and also allows the bag to provide comfort during extended periods of use.

There are three areas located on the back of the bag that are heavily padded. This additional padding helps to support and protect the back, and reduces the chance of lumbar fatigue and stress. The countering of the straps makes the design of this model a suitable fit for both male and female users. The straps also feature daisy strapping which can be used to easily attach additional items to the bag. It would serve will for someone who walks on a daily basis to work or school

Safe and Sound

This product takes the worry out of the possibility of losing smaller items like a driver’s license, keys, credit cards or loose change. There is a smaller pocket located in the front of the bag, which provides an extra layer of security for items, as they are zipped securely inside. There is also a key strap located in the smaller pocket. Anyone planning to purchase this pack to transport a laptop will appreciate the well cushioned fleeced lined pocket in the interior if the laptop. The pocket can securely accommodate laptops up to 15-inches.

Security for Phones and Other Small Devices

Also on the inside of this particular model are two smaller pockets located on either side of the bag. These pockets are well cushioned and offer secure spaces to store items like cellphones and Mp3 players. The pockets also make getting to devices easier as, they eliminate the inconvenience of having to search for them.

One of the pockets has a rubber grommet that cords for devices can be run through, making it easier than ever to do things like charge a phone or listen to music via headset while on the go. This also offers an added measure of safety for devices, because if they are securely in the bag, the chances of them being dropped or stolen is more or less eliminated.

This spacious bag is versatile and is suitable for the weekend adventurer, the commuting professional, or the student. Some may argue that the price is the only real downside associated with the bag. But if quality, comfort and durability is what you are looking for in an item that will be used daily, the price is more than reasonable.

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