High Sierra Swerve Backpack Review

swerveIn the beginning, backpacks were for backpackers. You rarely saw one strapped to anyone that wasn’t hiking, camping, or thumbing their way cross country. Nowadays though, people use backpacks for all sorts of reasons. Just about every student, from pre-K through post-graduate school, carries their books in a backpack. Many business people opt for the comfort of a backpack over the heavier briefcase. Now that some airlines charge for carry-on luggage, travelers like that backpacks are big enough for short trips, but small enough to fit under their seat. For these users, High Sierra makes the Swerve.

Comfort wise, the Swerve excels. It has shoulder straps that does not slip, and also the ergonomic countered straps evens out weight better while you commute. A swivel clip at the end of the strap prevents twisting. Non-slip shoulder pads attached to the strap disburse weight more evenly on your shoulder while you travel. A swivel clip at the end  helps prevent twisting. There’s also heavy padding on the back and bottom of the pack for comfort. You can carry more with less effort, but if you need a backpack to protect your laptop more from outside elements you may want look at other options.

On the inside, High Sierra built a number of features in that everyday users will really appreciate. A padded sleeve can hold a laptop with a screen size of up to 15″.  There’s also a separate tablet sleeve. Both are located in their own compartment with easy access through a rear zipper. Two collapsible main compartments provide plenty of room for books, files, clothes, or whatever else one might need to carry in a backpack. In the front of the pack there’s an organizer compartment with multiple pockets for everyday items and a removable key fob. There’s also an easy-access, felt-lined hanging pocket, perfect for sunglasses. A dedicated MP3 player pocket has an opening for headphones.

On the outside, the bag is made from a very strong and lightweight material called Dura-lite. This gives it the look and feel of a much higher-end item. All compartments have heavy-duty double zippers. There are two mesh water bottle pockets and two compression straps, one on each side. Style wise, the Swerve comes in 40 different colors and prints designs. Choices range from basic black or navy, to the much more colorful Pink Lemonade/Wonderland/White.

Probably, the majority of users for this backpack will be students, business people, and travelers. Think affordable and functional over expensive and rugged. Not that that’s a bad thing. High Sierra designed the Swerve with a specific user in mind, and overall, did a very good job.

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