High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack Review

Fat BoyNamed appropriately, the High Sierra Fat Boy backpack is an oversized, heavy duty backpack that was well thought out when manufactured to meet a variety of carrying needs. With four zippered pockets of varying sizes designed to keep all your school or work needs organized, this backpack will hold a little or a lot, simply by the expanding of strategically placed side straps. Made from a durable light weight material, Duralite, the pack is also water resistant so that all your items and gear inside stay dry.

Starting with a zippered accessory pocket on the front of the bag, the inner pocket has mini-pockets within which allow for small items such as pens, pencils, keys or even a calculator to be within easy reach. Also included in this pocket is a large hook for attaching extra accessories. Next come two bigger pockets to put your folders, binders, clothing or other items to organized and separated. The fourth pocket is where your laptop can conveniently slip into and this compartment is sized at 12.5” x 11” x 0.75” and designed with padding to keep your device protected. Located on the side of the backpack is a mesh pocket that serves as a water bottle holder or a small pocket to hold accessories. Another fun feature that is included is the media pocket which allows easy access to your headphones. This pack would work well as a carry on personal item for travelers.

The backpack has S-shaped mesh adjustable padded shoulder straps that have a suspension system to allow for non-slip maximum comfort when carrying. Included in the shoulder strap design is a media pocket which allows for convenient carrying of a music player or cell phone. A grab handle is located at the top of the backpack for when you want to quickly pick up and go instead of carrying on your shoulder. When carrying the product on your back, included for protection and comfort is a layer of padding that provides extra comfort.

The zippers are built to be strong and withstand a maximum load. The zippers do not pull apart, not do they snag and each zipper has two ends to easily gain entrance into the pockets..

If you’re looking for an affordable backpack that is affordable, durable, and offers a variety of colors and patterns to match your personality and style, the High Sierra Fat Boy is for you.

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