Best Ski Boot Bag Review

ski mountainWinter is coming and that means it is time for the annual winter vacation. There are so many things to do around December to February. If you are an adventurous person, then more than likely you enjoy being outside snowboarding and skiing. If you are a skier, you know the importance of having the right gear. The obvious include skis and ski poles. But what are you going to pack your equipment in to get from place to place? One suggestion would be a good bag.


Below Are Some Of the Best Ski Boot Bags Available

High Sierra Deluxe Trapezoid Boot Bag:

High Sierra Deluxe TrapezoidThis bag’s size is  18 x 16.5 x 14″, ideal for boots that go up to a size thirteen. The large main compartment with U-shaped opening holds gear with two zippered side compartments with ventilation/drainage grommets that hold ski or snowboard boots. If you need a bag to transport your snowboard then many options are available here.

Also there is a mesh sport flap inside the main compartment that holds your helmet and a zippered front accessory pocket holds your hats, gloves and tools. Plus, this bag is extra durable for the pro athletics in competitions. The High Sierra Deluxe Trapezoid bag comes in black and red.


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Athalon Everything

Athalon EverythingThis bag is made of polyester with your choice of twelve colors. Said polyester is constructed of high density material with water proof backing. If you want something that is good on your back and shoulders, this bag has reinforced and padded hidden backpack straps. The bottom of the Athalon Everything Boot Pack has a waterproof bottom that will keep your boots and equipment nice and dry. The contour also fits to the shape of your boots and makes carrying them around so much easier. On top of that, there is a separate side entry zippered boot sections.


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Transpack Edge Isosceles

transpackThis bag comes in seven colors. It is made of 600-denier, PVC-coated polyester and has the Isosceles Storage System. If you want security for your boots, the zippers are double locked and your won’t have to worry about somebody going through your bag won’t permission. The straps are adjustable, making it easy on your back and shoulders. Plus you have an internal zippered pocket.



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Kulkea Boot Trekker

Kulkea Boot TrekkerThe price on this gear is in the high to moderate range, but all of the features make it well worth it. It comes in your choice of five colors. The fabrics are durable, water resistant nylons, polyester and Tarpaulin.  The ski boot size goes up to a Mondo 31 or a US Shoe Size-Men’s 13. The dimensions:are18”H x14.5”L x 18”W and expands up to 19.5”W. While the volume is 69L or 4200 cu in. This is a technically designed, large premium ski boot backpack for alpine ski boots, helmet and gear. It is highly compartmentalized and technically featured for organization and maximum preparedness. Other features include, two large side boot pockets with ventilation, large top loading central gear compartment, pack release for easy removal, and deployable helmet sling, & water-resistant Tarpaulin bottom with drainage grommets.

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Swix Tri Pack  NNT23

Swix Tri PackThis model only comes in red. The features make this ideal for athlete and die-hard skiers. For starters, it has the essential comfort and organization you need for a day on the slopes are combined in this SWIX Alpine tri-pack. Ideal for the hardcore skier or athlete. You also get a large main compartment with U shaped opening to hold all of your gear. There are two side zippered compartments with ventilation and drainage grommets to hold all boots up to size 13. Each side has smaller pockets for storage; front zippered accessory pocket for tools and wax. For those who don’t want back and shoulders problems, this bag has S shaped shoulder straps, padded back panel and frame sheet help to distribute a heavy load. On top of that, you have a front zippered accessory pocket for tools and wax, fully padded bottom, and it’s cold crack proof.

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Why Is Having A Good Ski Boot Bag So Important?


What is so important about having a ski boot bag in the first place? For one thing, it will save you the headache of having to pack everything into the your vehicle when you are heading up to the mountains. People who travel have many years of experience to figure out how to make things fit when they are packing up for trips.

When done haphazardly, it can lead to a mess and headaches that could have been spared if you had known how to do things better. But where does a ski boot bag fit into all of this? Shoes and boots have a tendency to take up so much space. Even more so if you happen to love shoes so much and have to have enough to open a small shop. A good model can help free up space in the car and make packing less of a nightmare.

Another good reason to have the best ski boot bag is to keep your beloved boots in perfect condition. Things can happen in a car if you are not careful. If the road conditions are less than ideal, the vehicle could sling and skid just to say on the road. If packing isn’t done to the ideal extent, your precious equipment can be ruin before you reach your destination. Good equipment can help keep your boots from getting scratched up and ruined before you even have the chance to put them on.

One more reason to have a good product is to make carrying your boots less of a hassle.You already have so much to carry when you exit your vehicle, why would you want to make it harder for yourself by carrying your boots separately? In short, having a product is convenient for your luggage, vehicle, and sanity.


What To Look For When Looking At Ski Boot Bags


But what do you need to look for when you are shopping for the ideal product? For starters, something sturdy would be that number one concern. It would not be a good idea to have a bag that would just break on you before you even got to to use it for a full day.

Read many reviews of products that have the best and most stable material that you can. It would also help if your bag was water-resistant. The last thing anyone wants is to have water damage done to their boots and equipment.

Size is another factor to think about before making your purchase. You don’t want to have a bag that is too small or too big for your boots. If you can, have your ski boots with you when you are shopping around online. The same would go if you are going to a physical store. If you are buying your ski boots new, have them out and look at them really through before you start to make your decision.

If you already have your boots, take a picture of them and use it to compare with the selection of boot bags in the store. Size can also make the difference of how much space your  bag will take up with you are loading up your luggage in your vehicle. On the subject of packing, you might want to opt for a bag with many pockets to store other things that you fancy when packing up for the trip such as your helmet and gloves.

If you have back problems and don’t want to carry your ski boot back on your back, go for wheels. Ever since someone came up with the idea of putting suitcases and backpacks on wheels, transportation of luggage got easier. You can just pack up your ski boots and gear and wheel it along with you to get from place to place on your vacation.

This next factor may be minor, but you might want to try and look at comfort if you are looking for  a backpack-style product. You don’t want to end up with sore shoulders and back after a long day of carrying your equipment around on your back. Adjustable straps and a cushioned back can make a world of difference for your winter vacation.