Anti Theft Cross Body Bag For Travel

lady with travel purseEveryone knows that convenient carrying bags are essential while traveling. With a phone, wallet, camera, food, and other necessities needed regularly, finding a way to transport these items without losing them is a major challenge. There isn’t a worse feeling that realizing something has been taken right out of your pocket in a foreign land. For convenient, safe transportation of personal items, crossbody bags are a great choice.


Below Are Some Of the Best Cross Body Bags For Travel Available



The Sak Pax Swing Pack

sax pack swingWhen it comes to selecting a smaller crossbody bag, this is a perfect choice. This is slightly smaller than some of the larger purses, meaning it will be lighter and easier to carry. It comes with pockets both on the outside and inside. The outside pocket will fit an iPad mini, but the interior might be a better location for such a valuable item. Furthermore, this crossbody bag has two pockets protected by zippers for extra security. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing the customer to select the color most appropriate for their style. With a thin strip and small size, this crossbody bag is comfortable, secure, and easy to carry.


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Travelon Anti-Theft

travelon anti theftThis cross body bag has a unique design that is modeled with the utmost security in mind. From the top, the strap is slightly thicker than most, so people should wear clothing with shoulder coverings to protect the skin, but the thicker strap is designed to be slice proof. Some criminals will slice the strap to free the bag when stealing it. This strap is too tough for that method! Furthermore, it doesn’t just have compartments that zipper closed. The zippers even lock themselves. These anti theft travel bags is slightly larger and heavier than others, but it provides the most security on the market. For people who want absolute safety for their personal belongings, this is perfect.


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Kenneth Cole Reaction Duplicator Stripe Messenger Bag

kenneth cole messenger bagThis is one of the best anti theft travel purse on the market. With a beautiful brown strap accompanied by white and black straps, everyone who uses this anti theft purse remarks on how chic and stylish the it is. The strap can be adjusted to several different lengths for use by people of all heights. Whether someone prefers to carry the bag near their hip or under their arm, this bag can be adjusted for the utmost comfort. Furthermore, when people enter various theme parks and stadiums, bag size is an important restriction. Nobody enjoys having their items taken at the door because of security rules. This is one of the best travel handbags on the market, so don’t worry about failing any size test. Despite its size, it can still hold all of the essentials! This is one of the most best travel purse on the market.

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Vera Bradley Hipster

vera bradley hipsterThis bag certainly has a unique style. Boasting a wide variety of colors and designs, this design is sure to make a fashion statement with any outfit. The strap is long enough to be worn over either shoulder and the bag comes with plenty of pockets for keeping various valuables safely organized. In addition, the pockets come with secure zippers for making sure the most important items are safely stowed away. The fabric is made with a unique material that makes it easy to clean yet remains durable and comfortable as well. For people wondering this question, many people have even used their washing machine to clean this accessory and it has come out as good as new! For people who are a little messier than others, this might be the best choice! Try the washing machine if you dare!

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Baggallini Criss Cross

Baggallini Criss CrossThis is one of the best travel shoulder bag built with durability in mind. It can stand up to years and wear and tear from travel, airport security, and even getting tripped over. It comes with multiple zipper pockets on both the outside and the inside for storing phones, wallets, and other valuable items. It even comes with slots on the inside specifically for credit cards. Furthermore, it has larger slots meant for electronics such as iPads. With so many pockets, this is one of the larger items on the market today. This makes it a little heavier, especially with the durable material, but people who require numerous items while traveling will find this bag useful. In addition, the strap is adjustable for people of all heights. With detailed organization and a wide variety of purposes, this bag can do it all. With its chic design, it is no mystery why this is such a good travel purse.

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What To Look For When In The Market For A Cross Body Bag


Anti thefts bags are meant to be worn to the side of the body. They will hang either by the hip or under the arm. They come with a single strap that is usually looped over the opposite shoulder. With so many different sizes and styles, people can customize their travel purse to meet their needs. They have been one of the most popular bags for travel purposes for many years for a variety of reasons. Larger one could also be used for weekends on short trips.

First of all, the crossbody travel bag carries items while leaving the hands completely free. Many different traveling tote bags have a tendency to swing back and forth, requiring constant attention to keep them steady. Some items don’t even have a strap at all, meaning one of the hands is always occupied.

These bags hang comfortably over the shoulder, allowing the hand to use a phone, grab items out of the wallet, or take important pictures. Next, anti theft bags are safe. Because the bag is situated directly underneath an arm or by the hip, it is more difficult for a pickpocket to take something out of the travel purse without the person noticing. If you are in a crowded area, someone is almost guaranteed to notice someone reaching underneath their arm and into their bag.

For people who want to be extra careful, it is easy to find a good travel pure with an extra buckle, zipper, or secure latch. Keeping those valuable safe with this design. In addition, most of  these products are lightweight. Slung gently over the shoulder, people of all ages can easily carry one.

Because the bag is next to the hip or under the arm, the bag will remain study, making it easy to carry. On the inside, the cross body purse can serve a variety of purposes. Most models come with several different compartments. This allows people to remain organized by dividing different items into different locations. This allows for easy access while helping people to keep track of their belongings.

Certain items, like passports and wallets, should be buried in an interior compartment where they remain safe. Some items, like food and drink, should be closer to the surface for easy access. The various compartments make this easy.

Finally, different vacations mandate different styles. A mountain hike requires different accessories than a beach vacation does. The crossbody bags can be personalized to an individual’s style and his or her needs. Everything from the size, the thickness of the strap, the color, the shape, and the interior can be changed depending on its purpose. Make sure that the right crossbody bag is selected for that next trip.


Why Finding A Good Cross Body Bag Is Improtant

As alluded to above, there are several important factors a person should consider when purchasing a this type of purse. The most important characteristic is the models security features. When traveling overseas, people are vulnerable to pickpockets in certain areas of the world. Many good travel purses come with an open top for easy access.

Unfortunately, this can also make items vulnerable to being stolen when the bag is placed down. For people traveling to places known for the skill of their pickpockets, it is important to choose a design with a latch or zipper on top for added security.

Some models even come with zippers on the interior compartments for added protection. This will help keep important belongings, such as passports and plane tickets, secure. The next factor to consider is the size. The number of personal items you would like to store in tit will dictate how large the bag will be; however, don’t forget that larger bags are heavier. While it may feel light when you’re looking at them in the store, remember how heavy they will be with all of your belongings inside.

That bag will only get heavier as the day wears on. If the bag feels too heavy, consider leaving some of the items in a hotel safe back in the room. Next, many people overlook the shoulder strap. The size of the shoulder strap matters. Some outfits don’t have thick clothing over the shoulder. Other outfits leave the shoulders completely exposed. Products with thick shoulder straps can cause a significant amount of abrasion if the strap moves back and forth. For this reason, make sure to consider the thickness and feel of the shoulder strap when compared to the outfits that will be worn on the trip.

Some shoulder straps can cause significant rashes or abrasions to develop if the strap moves back and forth during the day. Finally, consider the bag’s style. The outfits and destination will dictate what color, texture, and brand you would like to go with. Remember that every bag can be tailored to fit a personal style. Don’t be afraid to consider multiple options!


Remember to consider the safety, size, comfort, and style when making a final decision. Your travel purse is going to store some important belongings for long periods of time.