Best Disc Golf Course in the US

disc golf course in fall

Disc golf is an exciting and challenging game that offers you an opportunity to play on scenic landscapes. If you have started to play, and have the nuances of the game and an awesome disc golf bag and equipment mastered, then you probably want to move on to more advanced courses. In the U.S., there are many courses spread across the country. If you are planning to visit the best disc golf courses during spring or summer, here are some of the most important ones to consider.


Anson B. Nixon Park, Pennsylvania

This park has a unique blend of open and wooded holes, which offer a decent challenge and a lot of fun. The open holes are great for big throwers. Anson B Nixon Park is designed for beginners so if you are new to this sport, you should explore this course to improve your skills.

Maple Hills, Massachusetts

Another course that is beginner-friendly is Maple Hills. With various courses designed for beginner, intermediate, and professional users, this course is ideal for different types of disc golfers. Annually, the Vibram Open tournament takes place on the Gold Course. However, the beginner courses provide an exciting challenge for those who are new to the game.

Brandywine Creek Park, Delaware

Brandywine Creek is a very beautiful disc golf course. It offers a combination of hills, open holes, wooded areas and streams. So you should come here if you want to see a course with brilliant aesthetics. Due to its vantage position at the highest peak in the city, playing the game here allows you to see scenic landscapes and amazing views.

White Clay Creek Park, Delaware

Within the city of Delaware, you can also play disc golf at the White Clay Creek. This small course is located in the state park at Newark. You can come to White Clay Creek to hone your skills because of the tight fairways and the holes that align with shrubs and trees. Although it has a short length, the course is quite challenging due to its obstacles and frequent changes in elevation.

Holler in the Hills, Kentucky

This course was designed by Howie Bard for experienced players. So it will stretch you to the limit and test your patience. Most of the holes are arranged to provide a tough challenge with rewards and risks that can easily make or break the round. If you are preparing for a major tournament, you should visit this course to sharpen your skills.


Those are some of the most important disc golf courses you should visit in the U.S. No matter what your skill level is, you will be thrilled by the excellent scenery and unique design of each course.