Why You Should Travel With A Backpack Instead Of Suitcase

backpack travlerFor people who travel frequently, a solid, dependable piece of luggage can make a huge difference in how you travel. When you need a bag to travel across an ocean with your child or bouncing along on a crowded bus through a mountainous pass, your luggage is going to be your traveling wardrobe for the amount of time that you’re out and if you’re like many, you want your luggage to be quick, easy and out of the way. If that is your M.O. when traveling, then a backpack is the right piece of luggage for you as it fits those requirements and more.

Backpacks are often associated with pre or post-graduate, But when taking some time off to find yourself in Europe or Asia, sleeping in hostels and piling onto buses or ferries to go off to the next destination you will need a good bag. When backpacking you often see traveling photographers with large North Face backpacks as they take group photos a top of a mountain or a monument, smiles adorning their faces. However, even if you’re a business traveler, you too can utilize a backpack in your travels because:

They’re out of the way: Unlike a suitcase, which you either have to carry or roll around by your side, a backpack, as its name suggests, goes on your back. You slip your arms through those two straps and you are on your way without having to worry about switching your carrying arm or rolling over gravel and other obstructions on the ground or floor. Also, as long as the backpack is on your back, you don’t run the risk of leaving it behind when you have to free up your hands. Even when you need a bag for weekend use they are hard to beat.

Organization is smoother: With a plethora of pockets and compartments, you can fit much more into a backpack than you can with a traditional, single handle suitcase. But, if you need to bring many thing with you it is always best to take larger luggage so you can check your bags at the airport. In addition, your items can have their own pocket or compartment instead of you having to dig through a suitcase, especially after said suitcase has be tossed around and turned over. Many backpacks have hidden compartments for you to store your most valuable items, giving you a level of security that a suitcase doesn’t often give you. Finally, if you travel with a laptop, you can buy backpacks specifically with space for your laptop.

There are a variety of reasons why carrying a backpack is better than a suitcase. While the above listed are excellent reasons, always do your research before coming to a decision and do what’s best for your needs.