Backpacking In Europe

berlinEurope has many destinations where backpackers can see a lot of historical and cultural monuments, learn about diverse cultures, and meet other tourists from various parts of the globe. Europe offers you a varied terrain, with good infrastructure, bustling streets, great cafes, lovely food and vibrant night life.Before you leave, make sure you have the right type of luggage for overseas travel so everything goes smooth. Here are some of the best destinations for backpackers who want to explore Europe on a small budget.


Berlin has a vibrant cultural scene, thanks to its role in the reunification of former West Germany and East Germany. With its relatively cheap accommodation and food, this city is a great destination for backpackers. It is far cheaper than other popular German cities like Hamburg and Munich. The hostels in Berlin have private rooms for couples and cheaper dorms for lone travelers. Most of them are located close to the city center in districts such as Neukolln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. With these areas, you will find a mixture of bars, restaurants, music venues and art galleries. If you want to explore the history of Berlin, you can visit one of the excellent museums including Berlin Wall Monument, Topography of Terror, and Berlin-Karlshorst Museum.


Budapest is a stunningly attractive city with low cost lodging and food. Divided into two distinct parts by the Danube River, one side has the Royal Palace and museums that show case Hungary’s national history as well as a gallery containing the nation’s best art collection. Beside the palace, you can find a plateau that overlooks the city with a number of gardens, terraces, squares, fountains and cafes. To explore the city cheaply, you can rent a bike and go on the tram route that leads to downtown Budapest. While riding, you will see the picturesque bridges built over the Danube River. Most of the bars and restaurants in Budapest have a warm atmosphere with antiquated interior d├ęcor. Alcohol is quite cheap here and you can also enjoy cheap camp sites during the warmer months.


Istanbul in Turkey provides an amazing opportunity to stay on a small budget. Hostels are quite cheap and many of them offer private rooms. The city’s airport is quite close to the city center so you can ride on a cheap taxi or airport shuttle. You can make more savings by pre-booking for accommodation. In Istanbul, alcohol and food are abundant on the streets at low prices. You will enjoy the delicious food that is available in small eateries on virtually every street. The city is also well known for its ancient architectural masterpieces and religious buildings including the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.


Your backpacking trip to Europe will not be complete without a visit to Barcelona. This charming city is great place for outgoing backpackers who want to make new friends. Although it is not a very cheap city, you can still enjoy your stay here without breaking your budget. You can reduce the amount of time you spend touring major attractions at Sagrada Familia and head over to the beaches where you can have a great conversation with fellow backpackers until the sun sets. At the beach, you can have a great time eating the delicious food you picked up at open markets like the Boqueria market located on Las Ramblas.

With relatively cheap flights to Europe from North America, you can fly to one of these great cities for a short backpacking tour. You will enjoy an exciting trip on a relatively low budget and have a chance to experience the unique cultural diversity in the cradle of Western civilization.