Tips for Freshman

college buildingDuring your first year in college, you will have a unique opportunity to lay a good foundation for success in your academics and all other aspects of your life. Adjusting to your new life in college may be a bit challenging because you now have the responsibility to take many new decisions . One of the most important things you must learn early is how to create and maintain a good balance between academics, social activity and personal development. The tips provided in this article will help you to succeed in college and your future career.

Be Well Organized


To succeed as a freshman, you have to organize your time and course materials efficiently. One of the things you will immediately notice when your academic activities begin is that you will be solely responsible for scheduling the completion and submission of your assignments. Your professor will most likely post all the assignments for the semester and you must meet the deadlines for submission. For this reason, you must use the most effective methods that can help you to stay organized. For instance, there are many mobile phone apps that you can use to schedule your time and remind yourself about completion deadlines for your assignments. You should also keep a to-do list, assign individual folders for each course, and use a paper based semester planner, which you can hang on the wall in your room. You may also find it important to acquire a good luggage set for traveling back home.

Set Goals and Stay Focused


At the beginning of each semester, you should set your academic goals. Your goals should include the grades you want to have in each subject, any awards or prizes you want to get, and your grade point average (GPA) at the end of the semester. Type and print these goals and put copies where you will see them immediately after you wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. Read these goals out loud each time you see them to keep you focused and motivated. Then create a plan for the achievement of these goals. Your plan should include the number of hours you will study daily, the resources you will use, the mentors you will connect to, and every other thing you will do to achieve your goal.

Communicate with Your Professors


Developing a healthy working relationship with your professors will create a platform for you to solve any of your academic challenges, receive sound advice, and obtain inside secrets about your courses. Many freshmen tend to feel shy and intimidated by their professors. But this should not be. Find out when when your professors will be available to have a conversation with you during office hours. Before you visit your professor, take time to read one or two books on the course and prepare a list of questions you want to ask. In cases where you cannot spend time chatting with the professor, you can hand over your questions and request for a time when you can come back for the answers.

Join Student Groups


Your success in college will be enhanced or hindered by the type of company you keep. Joining student groups will help you to make new friends and share ideas. You will also be able to receive support from your fellow students when necessary. The first group you should join or form is a study group. Your study group should be composed of people with similar academic goals and a passion for excellence. You should have regular times when you meet weekly (preferably on weekends) to review your course work and assignments and solve problems together. In addition, you should join a club, sports team or sororities that can help you to develop the social and other non-academic aspects of your life.

Take Care of Your Health


To achieve academic excellence, you need to maintain a sound mind and a healthy body. Ensure that you observe all basic principles of personal hygiene. Eat a well balanced diet consisting of wholesome food ingredients. Avoid the excessive use of coffee, alcohol, or tobacco. Visit the gym as often as you can and make sure you get adequate sleep every day.

If you are well organized and you tackle your projects, term papers and assignments regularly in manageable bite-sized portions, you will easily avoid the stress and sleepless nights that many students experience when trying to beat a submission deadline or prepare for tests and exams. Then you will be able to succeed as a freshman in college.