Keeping Home Safe While Away

homes in subdivsionThe worst time for things to go wrong in your home is when you are away on vacation. Any calamity or disaster can occur when you are not in town. Returning from an African Safari, a Mediterranean Cruise and learning that something has gone wrong with your house can be devastating and heartbreaking. Moreover, while the house is left empty and you are not present, your home can be an open target for the burglars. It is important to have anti theft bags when traveling and it also important to keep your property secure.

It is imperative that a person going on a vacation take precautionary steps. Taking the basic preventive steps before leaving can ensure that the broken pipe disasters does not occur, the chances that your home is invaded is kept to a minimum and other common natural problems are avoided.

Ask a friend for help

A simple and easy way to ensure peace of mind during a vacation is to ask a neighbor or a friend to keep constant tabs on the house while you are not there. First, ask your friend politely, bake him a fresh batch of cookies, and ask him to drive by at least once a day to maintain a check on the place. Leave one set of keys of the car and a spare key to home with him.

Be cautious on the internet

Social media sites like Facebook and twitter provide valuable personal information about you for the entire world to see. Before posting any details about your vacation prior to going, think who will read this information. You might also be careful of who you share the intermarry of your vacation with. Also, be careful before leaving any messages on the voicemail or on the answering machine. No one needs to know that you are not at home. All they need to know is that you are not available now.

Tip off the police

Remember to notify the police before leaving for vacation. If the house will be left empty for more than a week, then asking a friendly police officer to check on your place during their daily patrols may prevent the house form certain robberies. If the house has an alarm, let the officer know about the address and the name of the alarm company. Contacting a local watch program is also a good option.

Curtains open or closed

Keeping the curtains closed while you are away on vacation is a good idea. It prevents unwanted guest from staring into your home when know one is present. However, the disadvantage to leaving the curtains closed is that the neighbors and the police cannot see inside the house. The solution is to leave the curtains exactly the way you leave them while you are at home. Leave the expensive items like the silver cutlery or the television that is visible in plain sight away from the window.

If you do not take enough precautionary measures while leaving, you will constantly be obsessing about it while you are at on your vacation and will miss out on the enjoyment and the fun. A little extra vigilance will ensure that you have a worry free vacation.  It is better to  subscribe to the better safe than sorry theory.