Save Money On Next Backpacking Adventure


Just because you are traveling on a budget does not mean that you can’t enjoy an exciting backpacking trip. Backpacking offers you the opportunity for a fun-filled adventure at a fairly low cost. As a backpacker, you don’t have to be rich to travel the world, you simply have to be smart. Here are some valuable backpacking tips that you can use to travel on a budget.

Lighten Your Load


Packing light offers you several benefits. You will be able to avoid extra baggage fees charged by many airlines. Getting one of the best day packs to carry while traveling should be one of your top priorities. Walking long distances will be easy and convenient. You will also have a lot of space to put in your food, energy bars, snacks and drinks when you are on the go. If you are new to the world of backpacking, you may be wondering how you can travel the world with just 10 pounds of luggage. Typically, backpackers travel with multi-function items like shampoo/conditioner combos, multi-purpose pants that can also serve as shorts and ultra-light breathable clothing.

Get Free Flights


If you are finding it difficult to put together the cash you need to pay for flight tickets, you can take advantage of free flights. One way to do this is to sign up for travel credit cards. You can collect free flight miles by putting all your expenses on the card. After you have acquired sufficient points, you will be able to fly for free. Apart from the initial sign up bonus which may give you up to 50,000 points, by subscribing to their mailing list, and watching out for good deals, you could collect more miles within a short time.

Stay in a Hostel


As a backpacker, you don’t have to conform to the typical flight/hotel model that makes most travelers spend so much on accommodation. You can save hundreds of dollars during your trip by living in a hostel. Traditional hostels provide a 10-person per room type of dormitory which is quite cheap for most travelers. Also, some innovative hostel owners have added private suites, laundry services, and top-notch catering services to their hostel accommodation. Before you take off, do a little research on the city you intend to visit and select the best type of hostel that will suit your taste and budget.

Do Your Own Cooking


After accommodation, feeding would be your greatest expense during your trip. The easiest way to save a lot of money while you are on the road is to prepare your own meals. You could save up to 70 percent of what you will normally spend if you eat out at least two times a day. Most of the decent restaurants will drain your cash pretty fast. So you should ensure that your hostel allows you to cook in the kitchen. When you have to eat out, buy your food from a reputable grocer and go to a public park or garden. You will have a delicious lunch while you enjoy the beauty of a well preserved natural environment.

With these tips you can go on a backpacking trip without breaking the bank. Now, you know that you can save cost on virtually all travel expenses. If you do a little more research, you will discover how you can also save cost on your inter-city transportation, and even enjoy absolutely free accommodation during your trip.