The Right Tent For Backpacking Trip

campingCamping can be a wonderful activity if you have the right tent, not just for shelter, but also for a more comfortable experience. With this article, you can find the right information about the key features to look for when buying a new camping tent. Not only will it make the buying process less arduous, but also it ensures you are well prepared for your camping trip. Read along to discover the important key features highlighted that will be helpful when buying a new camping tent.



When buying a new camping tent, always settle for a size larger than the number of people in the group. This ensures that you get a comfortable experience and extra space for luggage. A family or group of four will be more comfortable in a 6-person tent. Getting a 4-person tent for a group of four people means that the adults will have to sleep curled up in a ball, and with everyone else not having room to adjust himself or herself.


Weather Compatibility

Choose your tent depending on its compatibility with the weather in which you are going camping. Buy a tent that can withstand a more extreme weather condition. Summer tents are not designed for harsh conditions, and thus have a lot of ventilation and are made of lightweight material. A 3-season tent provides more protection from the cold, and can withstand heavier rain and winds. 3-seasons tent have less ventilation than summer tents. It is also advisable that you purchase the right type of sleeping bag liner for the weather conditions of your next trip.



You want to avoid getting things damp when you go camping. If you get a tent with the wrong ventilation then you will have to experience that horrendous feeling of your bedding material, clothes and everything else in the tent being damp. Ventilation is key and therefore look for a camping tent that has well placed vents, this helps reduce condensation. Moreover, get a tent that has ventilation with rain fly on.


Weight of the Tent

Large tents can burdensome, and might make your camping not as much fun, especially if you will be kayaking, mountain biking, or hiking. Some tents are large and need to be carried on the roof rack of the vehicle, make sure you have enough manpower to help you. Always consider your own capabilities of moving that tent around.


The quality and durability of your tent’s floor determine how well protected you will be. Make sure you go for a camping tent that has a footprint. The footprint is placed underneath the tent. Not only does it offer better cushioning, but it also protects the tent from abrasions.


Tent Material

The material the tent is made from influences your decision. Canvas tents are waterproof and durable. However, once the water is absorbed they become bulky. Nylon tents are waterproof, but are affected by sunlight causing them to deteriorate over time. Ensure seams are sealed to check that they are fully water-resistant.