Food For Backpacking Camp Trip

camping foodHaving the right type of food and drink for an extended or overnight walk for backpackers is among the most imperative considerations backpackers need to have. This is because you will require food which shall nourish you, revitalize you, taste good as well as strengthen you. Many also think that having a big bulky backpack is needed when going on a simple overnight trip. In most cases a standard college backpack is all you need to carry your food.  Once you have all of your camping material and sleeping bag gear packed, here is a simple guideline on the kind of food and drink you should have during breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.




Breakfast is perhaps the simplest meal of the day one should pack ahead for. This is because its staples do not require refrigeration. Backpacking breakfast may range from basic and fast foods to a lavish spread that involves eggs, pancakes, coffee and meats. A hot meal may give you extra energy. A loaf of banana bread or muffins frozen till the day of the trip can last for about four days. If you are traveling for more than one day, you should take a box of instant oatmeal packets. Make sure to buy a bunch of bananas and some oranges or else take along with you bags of fruits that are dried. Protein or granola bars are also good for breakfast during trip.


Lunch and dinner options

To start with, you will require either of the following foods. They include fresh foods, dry foods, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, species, canned foods as well as flavored beverages. For the fresh foods, you may carry something like carrots since you will leave behind your refrigeration. The best thing with carrots is that they remain fresh for longer than most other food items. For the dried foods, you will need instant rice, pastas, drink mixes and noodles. They are light and they also take less space inside the pack despite giving you a decent taste.


The freeze-dried foods are highly convenient as they have relatively low prices. They give an above-average taste and very little weight. The spices are very vital as they boost the appeal of backpacking food. You may consider carrying pepper, salt, basil, garlic powder, lemon pepper, red pepper, cinnamon, cumin or anything else that is essential to you.


However, you should not just go for any meal if you really want to have increased energy. Make sure that the food and drink you carry have the following.


When it comes to taste, eat what you like most. Avoid trying to convert your taste buds to the new types of foods found in the back country. You should also not go on a strict diet before your hiking trip. You shall need adequate calories and water to fight off headaches and fatigue. Nutrition is also very important. It may be fine to tear into a candy bar during the trip but you should rely on complex proteins and carbohydrates for the long haul. Some intelligent quick snacks like dried fruits and nuts provide more energy to the muscles compared to the candy bar. You should also consider the ease of preparation, availability of water as well as the cost to be incurred.